Alternative Easter Gifts; No More Chocolate Eggs


Amazing Easter chocolate for those who are bored with traditional chocolate eggs

Are you sick of buying the same old chocolate eggs for your friends and family every Easter? Do you wish you could break the mould and buy your loved ones some alternative Easter chocolate that will really make them say ‘WOW’?

Of course you do; and if you don’t, here’s our top five reasons to ditch chocolate eggs and opt for something a little more exciting this Easter:

Easter Eggs Are Boring

It’s not often said, but Easter eggs aren’t half boring. Just a hollow 3D oval made from a fragile layer of milk, dark or white chocolate. Perhaps there will be a miniature chocolate bar or a pack of sweets inside your chocolate egg. But why not get a bit more creative with your Easter gifts this year?

By scrapping the ‘traditional’ chocolate egg tradition, you can branch out and treat your loved ones (or yourself if you’re that way inclined) to some much more exciting chocolate this Easter.

Your Easter Gifts Should Be Unique

When giving somebody a gift, which is precisely what you do at Easter, you want it to mean something. So, why not shake up the Easter gift-giving process by buying some realistic chocolate gifts.

Here’s a hypothetical; let’s say your wife or girlfriend is a make-up artist, or perhaps a beauty therapist. Which of the two Easter gift options below would mean more to her?

  • A Chocolate Egg.
  • A chocolate gift box containing a Mascara, Nail Varnish and Lipstick, all made hand-made from the finest Venezuelan chocolate.

Here’s another hypothetical. Your Dad is really into his cars and enjoys working on them in his spare time.  Which of the two Easter gift options below would mean more to him?

  • A Chocolate Egg.
  • A chocolate gift box containing an Adjustable Spanner, Pliers, Spanner, Drill Bit, Nut, Bolt & Washer Gift Box, all made hand-made from the finest Venezuelan chocolate.

Let’s all just be presumptuous and assume you didn’t answer 1), right? Correct choice! Being able to tailor the Easter chocolate that you buy your loved ones to their hobbies and interests really does make it extra special. It shows you care, and that some real thought has gone into your purchase.

Most Easter Eggs Aren’t Vegan-Friendly

Veganism is without a doubt on the rise. In fact, A 2018 study by found that approximately 7% of British people are vegan. That means that if you buy Easter chocolate for say four people this year, there’s a substantial chance that one of the people you’re buying for is going to be vegan!

There’s only one problem, the majority of the commercial chocolate eggs that you find in supermarkets are made from milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate; hence, they are not vegan-friendly.

If you’re looking for unique vegan Easter chocolate, then look no further. Most of our products are suitable for vegans – just avoid are the ones with red or pink colouring, white chocolate items, the salami and the walnuts (milk chocolate). No more messing about looking for vegan Easter eggs!

At The Amazing Chocolate Workshop, we’re excited to have been providing fun and exciting Easter egg alternatives online since 2014. From chocolate toolkits to a full-size chocolate camera, and even the option to build your own Easter gift box.

If you have any questions about our alternative Easter gifts or our chocolate in general, then please get in touch, and our team will be more than happy to help. And remember, don’t be boring traditional this Easter!

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